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The World of Opera: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Creation of Yun Jin | Genshin Impact

“How gently do the clouds and flowers sway, as dancing winds meander through the vales.” As the current Director of the Yun-Han Opera Troupe, Yun Jin has not only inherited the mantle from her ancestors, but also added her own insight on hopes and dreams of ordinary people through her thousands of performances. Let’s take a look at how the Genshin Impact team brought Yun Jin to life!

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  1. I was completely new to Chinese opera as many others were, but I really have to say that the absolutely beautiful perfomance of Miss Yang has piqued my interest! Although it takes some getting used to to the style, the amount of care and emotion put into telling "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" is palpable and moves me every time. I love getting these sneakpeeks into different cultures via the many references in Genshin! Having the character Yun Jin put this much effort into understanding and portraying the people of her era, makes me love her even more! It is an extremely interesting way to portray the progress and changes in the nation of Liyue, especially after our adventures there! I hope we can get more cultural insights and see the impact of our journey's adventures like that in other nations as well.

  2. Yun Jin's character has to be one of the most influential characters out there. She created such a large newfound appreciation for Chinese opera, ever for those in the west. She's such a charming character I fell in love with her instantly, keep up the amazing work mihoyo!

  3. I really love these behind the scenes videos, especially seeing all the thoughts that went into the design, animation and general background of the the character. I would love to see more of them in the future 🙂

  4. More culturally themed character please. Imagine a Sumerians belly dancer that shoots fire as they dance around🤔

  5. You guys should have add burst animation for her too like barbara! Such a great design character without the burst animation is kinda wasted 😅

  6. The 'Divine Damsel of Devastation' play was absolutely epic, and they did amazing work on Yunjin, her playstyle looks clean and the bell like sound, it's so amazing, beautifully done ngl…

  7. She's the best 4 star character alongside Ningguang,from personality to elegance to outfit.She and Shenhe are one of the best written character,no doubt this is a top 3 banner.

  8. bài hát rất tuyệt vời khí có có thể kết hợp tốt giữa hí kích cổ điển với giai điệu nhanh mạnh của thời hiện đại

  9. I love to see how much effort they are willing to put into a 4* character. This makes me believe that they truly care about each characters and take the process of giving them life very seriously. I hope to see more of these videos in the future as they bring a very important aspect to character design. Which I can truly appreciate.

  10. IM ON MY KNEES please make her and xinyan interact or perform together in a cutscene it would be such an epic gamer moment😔

  11. I love how much effort they put into Yunjin’s character, chinese opera is so beautiful and I’m glad mihoyo made a character based on this

    also YangYang’s voice is amazing, everytime I watch yunjin’s performance cutscene I get goosebumps

  12. There should be many people who are not used to her singing voice and feel that the tone is too long and too high, because the Peking Opera she sings was developed in ancient times without recording technology. 楊照, a Taiwanese writer who has participated in radio programs (it is difficult to survive on the income of a writer in Taiwan…) and said that recording technology has changed his original pronunciation habits. After doing his investigation, he found that this is actually very common, microphones, speakers… These recording techniques were only popular for a hundred years, and before that, people had other pronunciation habits. Just like the uncertainty principle, recording technology is not only honest recording, but also changes people's pronunciation habits. American journalist Harry Smith once compiled American folk songs from 1920 to 1930, when recording technology began to become popular, and many of the songs were also high and sharp.

    Until the popularization of recording technology, the priority service object of singers gradually changed from listeners to microphones, and even now youtubers often wear headphones to whisper to microphones… These are completely different from the environment of a hundred years ago, not to mention the ancient Peking Opera.

    The priority service object of Peking Opera is not microphones and headphones, but to ensure that the audience located in the distance can also feel it, so the makeup, costumes, postures and singing voices are adjusted to this demand. It may be surprising to hear this singing voice with headphones without warning, but if it is a audience more than 5 meters apart on the scene, there may be different experiences, even if there are other noises around, such a high-pitched singing voice still has enough penetration.

    MiHoYo creators who are accustomed to modern and new technologies should be in awe when they discover that traditional Peking opera relies only on personal skills to convey the content of the performance without the assistance of electronic devices.

  13. I hope to see more of the behind the scenes of the creations of characters. Its nice to see the dev talk about this kinds of things and you can feel their passion to what theyre doing its a nice feeling to see people talk about what they love. I would love to see more characters like Yun Jin

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